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FDNY WTC Health Program - Brief Overview of Primary Services

WTC Medical Monitoring - What is it? How often? What happens?

" In-depth yearly evaluation, with cholesterol, glucose levels, liver & kidney functions, & blood cell count results

" Retired? - WTC Medical appointments, available yearly, at five NY-area locations - 718-999-1858

" Active? - Annual Company / Station Medical at BHS - is your WTC Medical. You will now see two doctors, one of whom will be a WTC Physician.  The FD WTC Medical staff have NO DUTY DETERMINATION responsibilities

WTC Treatment - An Important Companion Service to Yearly WTC Monitoring

" Shorter visit with FDNY WTC medical staff - doctors and nurses  " If you are experiencing a worsening of an already diagnosed WTC health issue, or are experiencing a new potentially WTC-related health issue, you may schedule a WTC Treatment appointment as frequently as needed

" Once your WTC health issue is certified (Zadroga Law requirement), free services treating that specific health issue can include: specialized diagnostic tests; referrals to outside specialists; prescriptions for WTC-covered meds

" WTC Treatment - numerous appointments available - multiple days each week - at five (5) FD WTC sites in Metro NY,  all sites open to both active & retired members. Call FDNY WTC Member Services at 718-999-1858

Does the FDNY WTC Health Program cover Counseling and Mental Health Services?


" Yes - FDNY Counseling Services Unit (CSU) care is expert, confidential, & free

" Five (5) CSU locations in NY Metro area - Manhattan (Lafayette St in Soho), Staten Island (Victory Blvd), Fort Totten (Bayside, Queens), Brentwood (Long Island), & Middletown (Orange County, upstate NY)


" All CSU sites - staffed with licensed, experienced Counselors. If more specialized care is  required, including prescriptions, free referrals are made to FD WTC Psychiatrist MDs and FD WTC Mental Health Nurse Practitioners

" Please call 212-570-1693 for more details & to schedule an appointment at the location most convenient for you

Is Cancer covered under the FDNY WTC Health Program?


" Yes.  FDNY WTC Health Program now covers over 60 WTC-related cancers

" As of 6/30/17, 1,701 FD WTC members have at least one WTC-related cancer certification


" Have you received a cancer diagnosis, plus have biopsy & pathology reports?  Contact Nadia Jaber - 718-999-1223 - to start your WTC cancer certification process


" Our dedicated, knowledgeable, and experienced FDNY WTC Cancer Care team - Doctors, Nurse Case Managers, and Social Workers - will help you through every step of your WTC cancer care treatment

Is this card in your wallet? This is the WTC Prescription Plan card, for use with local pharmacy prescriptions


   Have questions about FDNY WTC Healthcare? Please call FDNY WTC Nurses - 718-999-1878