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We mourn the passing of our brothers. May they rest in peace.

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Updated 10/11

Firefighter Edward Piazza passed away October 9th.

He retired in 1987. Edward worked in ladder 43

 FDNY Retirees Staten Island Division

 Brothers Who Answered Their Last Alarm

 May They Rest In Peace




Firefighter Patrick DeRosa Ladder 81 September 18th

Firefighter James Hyland Engine 166 August 15th

Firefighter Vincent Mcuire Engine 13 August 12th

Firefighter            Melville Engine 151 August 12th

Firefighter Peter Riccardi Ladder 6 August 11th

Firefighter John Laureno  August 7th

Firefighter Philip Mahaney Rescue 5 July 29th

Firefighter George Nixon Ladder79 July 6th

Battalion Chief George Mickel Battalion 22 July 6th

Firefighter Hugh Accivatti Ladder 80 June 34th

Captain George Day Engine 250 June 23rd

Firefighter John Hegemann  June 17th

Firefigghter James Stabile Engine 254 June 2nd

Captain Robert Reed  Engine 210 May 27th

Firefighter James Abernethy Engine 151 May 25th

Firefighter James Fox Engine 157 May 19th

Lieutenant Daniel Blaine  April 20th

Captain Louis Maffeo Engine 163 April 11th

firefighter Edward Smith Engine 156 April 2nd

Firefighter Robert Kehoe Ladder 76 March 22nd

Lieutenant Jack Lantieri Ladder 77 March 3rd

Lieutenant Salvatorec Mirra Engine 161 February 27th

Captain Robert Koeth Ladder 80 January 27th

Firefighter Albert Sellitti Engine 10 January 16th

Firefighter Otto Sternwede Engine 152 December 25th

Firefiighter Walter Dolinger Ladder 78 December 24th

Firefighter Michael Del Grosso Engine 158 December 14th

Firefighter James Bollacrt Ladder 169 December 12th

Captain Nicholias Workrf Ladder 131 December 3rd

Battalion Chief John Downes Battalion 7 December 2nd

Firefighter Jack Baird Engine 158 October 29th

Firefighter Frank Lattuga Ladder 82 October

Firefighter Edward Hemsworth  October 20th

Firefighter James Dunn Ladder 86 October 23rd

Firefighter Dam Miller Ladder 83 October 13th